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Removing a Plugin


The instructions below detail the general process for removing a NetBox plugin. However, each plugin is different and may require additional tasks or modifications to the steps below. Always consult the documentation for a specific plugin before attempting to remove it.

Disable the Plugin

Disable the plugin by removing it from the PLUGINS list in

Remove its Configuration

Delete the plugin's entry (if any) in the PLUGINS_CONFIG dictionary in


If there's a chance you may reinstall the plugin, consider commenting out any configuration parameters instead of deleting them.

Re-index Search Entries

Run the reindex management command to reindex the global search engine. This will remove any stale entries pertaining to objects provided by the plugin.

$ cd /opt/netbox/netbox/
$ source /opt/netbox/venv/bin/activate
(venv) $ python3 reindex

Uninstall its Python Package

Use pip to remove the installed plugin:

$ source /opt/netbox/venv/bin/activate
(venv) $ pip uninstall <package>

Restart WSGI Service

Restart the WSGI service:

# sudo systemctl restart netbox

Drop Database Tables


This step is necessary only for plugins which have created one or more database tables (generally through the introduction of new models). Check your plugin's documentation if unsure.

Enter the PostgreSQL database shell ( dbshell) to determine if the plugin has created any SQL tables. Substitute pluginname in the example below for the name of the plugin being removed. (You can also run the \dt command without a pattern to list all tables.)

netbox=> \dt pluginname_*
                   List of relations
                   List of relations
 Schema |       Name     | Type  | Owner
 public | pluginname_foo | table | netbox
 public | pluginname_bar | table | netbox
(2 rows)


Exercise extreme caution when removing tables. Users are strongly encouraged to perform a backup of their database immediately before taking these actions.

Drop each of the listed tables to remove it from the database:

netbox=> DROP TABLE pluginname_foo;
netbox=> DROP TABLE pluginname_bar;