Name Description
Entregou.Com Web solutions (paas / saas) for logistical dematerialisation.
Expertree Adventure sports company, tree climbing, event organization and sports consultancy.
Finpay Technology Finpay develops computer programming and software, consultancy in information systems, hardware, products, IT services, equipment and technology, equipment rental.
Geocrafter - Geospatial Studio Geocrafter develops design, development, modification, testing and assistance to computer programs (software). Includes system, application, database and web page programming. It also includes consulting on equipment, computer programs and other information technologies.
Geonatour Geotechnical studies, environmental impact and geological tourism company
IHCare - Innovation Hospital Care IHCare is a technology-based company with a focus on 3 essential principles: Research, Development and Implementation of innovative technological solutions in the health area. Its objective is to provide health professionals and institutions with 360º solutions with a high sustainable added value for the excellent health care of patients.
Mirasystems - Live Structures Mirasystems is dedicated to researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, importing and exporting products and equipment related to the engineering of steel structures, testing, monitoring and technical analysis and consulting and training in engineering.
Pavi Sá Construction company specialized in flooring.
Primelayer Decision Support Technologies using Geographic Information Systems with Artificial Intelligence Forest management, civil protection and road infrastructure monitoring.
S&DG Consulting Consulting and innovation in energy storage systems.