The Project: Smart Rural Smart Hiese

Smart Rural Smart Hiese - Structuring Programme to Support Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas is a structuring project of entrepreneurship and rural innovation, promoting HIESE (Habitat for Business Innovation in Strategic Sectors) as a leading institution for the creation of groundbreaking ideas and business initiatives in the countryside, to generate opportunities and disseminate knowledge in this area.

The Promoting Institution: IPN

IPN-Incubator is a non-profit association whose aim is to spur entrepreneurship and promote the creation of tech based innovative companies and advanced services. Since its founding, over two decades ago, IPN Incubator has supported more than 270 companies, with a survival rate of approximately 80%. In 2016, these companies recorded aggregate sales of around 150 million euros – 60% of which to foreign markets – and employed directly about 2200 highly qualified workers.


HIESE – Habitat for Business Innovation in Strategic Sectors is an incubator focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas, with outstanding conditions and support offered to companies, mostly in the early stages of the life cycle, enhancing innovation, growth and competitiveness.

Strategic Sectors



Clean Energy

ICT for Social Services

Environmental Services

Tourism Products and Services


HIESE is property of the Penela City Council, which converted and enlarged a country house turning it into a modern business incubator with plenty of functionalities. The building is composed by two floors with 15 offices to accommodate companies; a coworking area; training/meeting room and a versatile room for events. Includes common areas where incubated companies can interact or arrange a meeting with customers or business partners. Access to the upper floor is ensured by lift. On the ground floor there are the front office, administrative spaces and management’s office.

Services Provided

Physical and Virtual Incubation




Rural Platform


Incubation and Acceleration Programmes


Business Plans


Specialised technical assistance in legal, taxation and accounting, health and safety at work, financing, investment and job creation matters

The rooms available for physical incubation have 24, 25, or 35 square meters. The prices are as follows (value added tax of 23% not included):

The prices for the co-work space are (value added tax of 23% not included):

Co-work 8,00 € 30,00 €

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Tel: +351 239 700 770

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