Name Description
Mondego Wake Park
Pavi Sá Construction company specialized in flooring.
Primelayer Decision Support Technologies using Geographic Information Systems with Artificial Intelligence Forest management, civil protection and road infrastructure monitoring.
S&DG Consulting Consulting and innovation in energy storage systems.
Terrasso The Terrasso platform is an information system based on the concept of digital twins, where various data on properties, public spaces and zoning, infrastructure and equipment, real estate and activities related to the construction, planning and operations of real estate assets can be consulted.
WEF Agro Tools Resource management platform (Nexus - water, food and energy) and emissions management (zero emissions).
Wise Shape Technological development of an industrial part manufacturing methodology using ultra high performance concrete.
Wocadi Wocadi sells diagnostic equipment / solutions and reagents directed to various healthcare locations where diagnosis can be made by any healthcare professional, or even by the patient himself (self testing). These devices feature simple use and a fast Point of Care response, allowing for decentralized diagnostics.